We decided to open our blog with George Brown College Jewellery department event . It was the second time we had a pleasure of being hosted by the welcoming GBC and talking about buying small loose diamonds.

It was quite refreshing to see the full auditorium of future jewellery professionals.

Just like the first time the emphasis of the talk was to give ideas on how to buy small lose diamonds. What aspescts to pay attention at and explain the reason behind price variations.

The diamond buying process is like a journey where one goes through several steps to arrive at desired destination. Let us briefly see what the journey is build of.

First we need the necessary tools to make us feel comfortable. The basic list includes: 10 x mAgnifying loupe, tweezers, color grading paper, gem cloth and a leverage gauge. Usually all mentioned items will be available at the diamond dealer’s office.

And so we are ready to work with a parcel of loose diamonds to select a collection we need.

Personally I, as an initial step, like to make sure that the stones are of the right size (diameter) – Carat. I would pick a random population of 10-15 stones and measure the diameter with the leverage gauge. If the stones belong to the desired size I would check the Cut and Clarity. With the loupe and tweezers I would grade 10-15 stones and see if they comply with the Clarity and Cut standards. It is important to make sure that the stones are clean from grease or any other external hinderance. Usually that should be enough to get an idea whether we have the appropriate collection or not. The last “C” would be color. By placing the diamonds table down on the color grading paper, I will check whether the color satisfies the expectation. It is important to allow enough space between the stones to avoid overtone.

In brief by now I would have the desired collection of loose diamonds.

Out of all operation described above grading Cut in my opinion is the most important step. That is the reason why I would like to discuss the Cut on a separate occasion.