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Excellence through consistency and precision



P.T. Diamonds is happy to introduce diamond grading by Sortoscope ‐ diamond and gemstone grading microscope to serve watch and jewelry industry needs.
With the Sortoscope high‐quality diamond parcels are sorted for clarity and make in half the time as with the common 10x loupe / tweezers method. The reliability and the consistency of the outcome are times higher.

The SORTOSCOPE diamond sorting equipment is the excellent result of many years of research and practical testing. The darkfield illumination techniques and the acrylic rail method for sorting lots using the advantages of partly polarized light – all this delivers a wide spectrum of results achieved by using no other equipment. The wide field of view – approximately 30 % more than in comparable microscope optics – makes every kind of handling easier and more comfortable and is essential for sorting jobs lasting hours. Our routine ensures the best reproducibility of the results and our experience gives our clients trustful grading results.
Getting the right selection of gemstones for the particular jewelry piece makes the setting process effortless and combined with the proper craftsmanship gives it an outstanding appearance.