PTDiamonds is Toronto downtown based diamond dealer specializing in small round brilliant cut diamonds of excellent-make below 0.75 carat. Using the latest technology in the industry, trough consistency and precision, we achieve excellence to fulfill almost any order.

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Every single diamond passes Sortoscope ® , then you get your perfect collection.

Our relations with the supply sources enable us to cater to the specific needs of our clients. All our diamonds are conflict free and 100% natural – not enhanced diamonds. Inventory includes rounds virtually in all sizes as well as large selection of the fancy shapes.

Diamonds are accompanied with the certificates issued by GIA, HRD, IGI or other well established gemological laboratories. Using advanced grading technique we tailor the selection in all parameters: finish grade, color, clarity or weight. With our diamonds on the skillfully crafted piece of jewelry it is unmistakable – the giver and the receiver will be overwhelmed with unforgettable emotions to be carried through time.